New Year's Resolution

January 1, 2011

This year, I resolve not to change my website compulsively like I did in 2010.

I figured, since I don't have any videos ready at the moment, I would do something different for new year's day. This year, I have taken screenshots of all the past web designs that I still have copies of. This means that I have quite a number of pictures to show. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the really old site from when I was still in, like, grade four, but trust me, this is still an extensive list.

Mid 2008

Late 2008

Early 2009

Spring 2009

Summer 2009

Early 2010

Spring 2010

Mid 2010

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Current Design (as of January 1, 2011)

Some things to note:

  1. Because, in 2010, I switched to Wordpress, I didn't have any raw html files for those designs (just a wordpress theme.) Sadly, two of them didn't work. So, there were 2 missing themes from the middle of 2010.
  2. Also, for the themes that worked, I just temporarily applied the themes to the current site, took a screenshot, and then reverted back to the current theme. This means that the posts you see on the front page from any wordpress-made themes were NOT the original posts from the time when the theme was active. They are the CURRENT new posts. There's nothing I can really do about that.
  3. Also due to wordpress, the menu in the Fall 2010 screenshot is the automatically generated wordpress menu and NOT the menu that it actually had. Sadly, there's not much I can do about that. Oh well.
  4. Any themes that were supposed to have Google ads in them do not have google ads in the screenshots, so that explains any odd blank spaces where it seems something should be.
  5. In the pre-wordpress sites, any movie thumbnails will not show up because those files no longer exist.
  6. This site was originally built in 2006. Back then, being in grade four and still getting used to computers, I stuck all the files for the website in my My Documents folder. This lack of organization caused me to lose them over the years. I guess 2008 is when I started making backups.

So, I think the grand total of themes for 2010 (including ones I don't have screenshots of) is 10. That is an awful lot, considering there are only 12 months in a year. I was crazy. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IN 2011! I SWEAR! I mean, this current theme has been here for two months and has remained pretty much unchanged except for some minor updates to the comment system and the background's color balance. Hopefully this will set the bar for '11.

Happy new year, internet!