Cop Out

April 20, 2013
Came First in the Skills Ontario Regional 2D Animation Competition

Luka and I made this in a few hours at the Skills Canada qualifying competition in Kingston, Ontario earlier today. We were given the sound clip you hear near the end of this video and had a few hours to make an animation/storyboards/etc that revolve around and include it. We chose to make one about a cop being lazy on his last day before retirement who accidentally arrests a criminal who the rest of the police force has been chasing after. This is what we produced, and we came in first, so in a few weeks we'll be going to provincials in Waterloo, Ontario. It's not a perfect video, but keep in mind it was made with a time constraint of a matter of hours with limited resources. As far as animation quality goes, it's an improvement.

Also, we still couldn't install the drivers for our tablet, even though we are allowed to in Waterloo. Weird. Oh well, we made do!