Get Back to Work

April 18, 2019

This is a short animation I made about daydreaming when you have work to do, inspired in part by the fact that I made this to avoid studying for my final exams for my final term of undergrad. I find myself lost thinking about places I can't go before corralling my thoughts and getting back to the task at hand and I wanted to try capturing that feeling.

Anyway as you can probably tell, I don't do a whole lot of animation any more, so I'm kind of limited to 30-second vignettes, as that's the most I can get done in my small chunks of non-programming time. This one was optimized for having a bunch of little character animation sequences balanced with some effects animation like the billowing drapes. It's certainly not a marvel of filmmaking by any stretch of the animation, but it did give me something fun and with a small scope to work on.