Let's Go Fly a Kite

July 26, 2011
Won the Daily Third Award on Newgrounds

"So will you use credit as usual, or will you use cash this time?"

"I'll stick with credit... because I'm afraid of CHANGE!!! :O"

So this started as a test for my frame-by-frame animation skills. You can tell I didn't do that method for the whole movie, but you can tell I sort of tried to. Key word being "sort of", because a fair amount is animated in twos rather than every frame (so it's about an average of 18 fps even though it's technically at 24.) The excessive textures are a strategy I've been using lately to get away with applying a lot less effort than it would initially seem. It takes surprisingly little to achieve this effect, but it looks pretty :P

Also, Sari legitly helped write this. I'm training her.

And yes, my dad is really like that in public. It's embarrassing.