June 30, 2013
Won the Daily Second Award on Newgrounds
Passed the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation Pro Round

What's this? A movie with no moral you can possibly extrapolate? From ME??

Yep, there's not a whole lot to this animation, as it turns out. The theme we were given for this round of NATA was "your own reflection." Rather than doing something that reflected my own personality (which I guess would be kind of what I did last round, although exaggerated immensely for the sake of the story) I decided to go the opposite direction and do something silly with little meaning. So then this thing happened.

Making things that try to be funny is definitely out of my comfort zone and I'm not especially good at it. I like how this movie turned out visually, but that alone can't carry a movie for long. I don't dislike this animation, but I'm not particularly fond of it either. But hey, it's done, and my exams are done finally, so now I can enjoy Canada Day (July 1st, for you non-Canadians) without any other obligations!

Lastly, I should mention that the music is from Josh Woodward. I first heard of him because one of his songs came with a release of Ubuntu a few years ago, and I recently discovered that his music is also available for free instrumentally as well (nothing against his voice, but instrumental music makes for better soundtracks generally.) His website is, if you're interested.