Wrath of the Phantom

April 10, 2011
Screened as part of the Everyday Heroes Film Competition

This movie was made for the Everyday Heroes Film Festival. It's pretty much a festival where you submit films related to environmental activism and awareness. The cool thing about it is that their videos are screened on the Toronto Transit Commission and all over shopping malls for a week! This explains why they have to be silent and a minute long (the target audience won't be around for that long, and it will probably be too noisy to hear any sound.)

This was also a bit of a technical exploration for me. The excessive particles you see in the video are the result of about two days' worth of programming.

Lastly, you really should unplug stuff. You wouldn't believe how much money you waste because of your TV which is "off" or your microwave which you only actually turn on every once in a while. There is truth to this movie!

I hope you enjoy it!