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CodeNext was built at the Y Combinator Hackathon, 2014.

As a programmer starting my career, I'm constantly seeking new knowledge and programming experience. However, I am often overwhelmed by the resources offered to me. If I want to make my website cleaner, my friends will recommend 10 different resources, and the internet will recommend even more. Which do I choose? With all the resources available for learning, isn't it ridiculous that I can't even choose one thing to learn next?

CodeNext simplifies this experience - we narrow the choices down. Tell us your interests and experience through a simple interface. We give you one single resource that best fits your needs, based on other users' recommendations and reviews.

We are targeting high school and early college students who have an interest in learning programming at a beginner to intermediate level. There are 2 million of them in the US alone. At this level many students do not even know what there is to learn, and we make sure there's an option to start coding as a complete beginner or to use current skills learn something totally new.

What will you learn to CodeNext?