File Fantasy

July 20, 2020 View Source on GitHub

Version control for HUMANS. Make sense of all the copies of copies of files on your desktop!


npm install -g @davepagurek/file-fantasy


commit a file to make a backup of it.

$ ff commit something.txt
something.txt was copied to something_Copy(2).txt

branch a file to make a separate version of it. No need to come up with a branch name, we do that for you!

$ ff branch something.txt
file: something.txt | newish file: spmfthiog.txt
something.txt was copied to spmfthiog.txt

merge a source branch into a destination branch (and shove the contents of both together.)

$ ff merge spmfthiog.txt something_Copy\(2\).txt
🤯 Merged to create: something_Copy(3)-spmfthiog.txt

Create a log of all the complex version history so you can understand where all those files came from.