Genuary 19: Animorphs

January 19, 2023

This a sketch for Genuary, day 19: "black and white."

So I should explain how this relates to the prompt. My brain broken-telephoned the prompt into "black or white," which is the name of a Michael Jackson song. The music video for the song famously includes a bunch of morphs between people, as the technology for this had just been made recently, and this video is arguably the best use of it to date. So I wanted to do some morphs of my own. I thought an Animorphs book cover would be a good vehicle for this. I saw those in the library a lot as a kid, but I must admit that I never read any of them and just checked them out for the morph flipbook in the page margins (is it any surprise I ended up wanting to be an animator?) I have this great photo of Zlatko the cat sniffing the morning air, so I tried to replicate the pose.