Dave Pagurek van Mossel

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StrokeStrip: Joint Parameterization and Fitting of Stroke Clusters

Co-authored with Chenxi Liu, Nicholas Vining, Mikhail Bessmeltsev and Alla Sheffer


Controlling Procedural Modelling Interactively with Guiding Curves

Co-authored with Abhishek Madan, Andrew McBurney, Paul Bardea and Tammy Liu

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2019


Software Engineering Intern at Figma, San Francisco, California, Sept-Dec 2018

Software Engineering Intern at Cruise, San Francisco, California, Jan-Apr 2018

Software Engineering Intern at Google, Mountain View, California, May-Aug 2017

Software Engineering Intern at Remind, San Francisco, California, Sept-Dec 2016

Software Developer Intern at Athos, Redwood City, California, Jan-Apr 2016

Software Developer Intern at Shopify, Ottawa, Canada, May-Aug 2015


The Engulfed Cathedral (CS488 project), 2018

Open-source contributions