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Controlling procedural modelling interactively with guiding curves

Written in collaboration with Abhishek Madan, Andrew McBurney, Paul Bardea and Tammy Liu.

Proceedings of Graphics Interface, March 28, 2019

A method of interactive procedural model searching, written for my fourth year research project.

We present a likelihood function for Sequential Monte Carlo sampling that lets artists draw guiding curves to control the output of generating grammars. This framework enables the high-level structure of models to be intuitively specified while allowing for sufficient variation in the low-level details. Our method can be computed at interactive rates to enable the short feedback loops required for exploratory design.


The Engulfed Cathedral: CS488 final project

July 25, 2018

A raytraced 3d renderer and short animation created with it for Waterloo's computer graphics course.

I used this project to implement graphics techniques such as photon mapped lighting, ambient occlusion, volumetric materials, constructive solid geometry, and inverse kinematics, along with sampling methods for inverse procedural modelling.


Frontier: Programming Generative Art

June 14, 2015

2D procedural landscape generation.

I make use of Perlin noise for terrain generation and describe how to think about breaking complex shapes into recursive fractal-like structures to generate trees and houses.